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Eremo di Camaldoli

Camaldoli, founded more than one thousand years ago by Saint Romualdo, it is a community of Benedictine monks. Its two homes, the holy Eremo and the Monastery, surrounded by the peace of the forest, represent two fundamental visions of the monastic life : the solitude and the communion.

90 Km

Santuario della Verna

Monumental Santuario dedicated to Saint Francesco, plunged in a green land with amazing landscape.

100 Km


Ravenna, Ancient  city of culture and art, mosaic’s city, has been three times Capital city in its 1500 years of history: capital city for the Western Roman Empire,for Goti’s king Teodorico, for the Bisanzio’s Empire in Europe. That magnificent period left to Ravenna many important monuments, Religious buildings decorated with mosaics that have been declared World Heritage  from the UNSECO.

60 Km

San Marino

San Marino is a little upland state inside the Italian territory. San Marino is one of the most ancient worldwide Republic, and has kept most part of its architecture. The homonymous Capital city rises from the slopes of the Titano Mountain and it is well known for the medieval city center surrounded by ancient walls and little stoned streets. From the top parts of the mountain, the three XI century towers rise.

100 Km

Cascata dell' Acquacheta

The waterfall, described by Dante in his XVI canto of the ‘Inferno’, is reachable only thanks to a walking tour of two hours that brings you to the suggestive Piana dei Romiti with its ruins of the antique village.

40 Km

Monte Trebbio

Monte Trebbio, where the Villa is located, is famous for its cycle-tourism. The clims can be easy and very hard with a slope of the 12%, where even the most professional cyclists can give many troubles. In fact, on the pass of the Trebbio there is a monument dedicated to the cyclist.

3 Km


Florence, chief town of Tuscany region, offers many art masterpieces from the Renaissance period. One of the most popular place is the Duomo, the Cathedral with the tile-covering cupola created by Brunelleschi and the bell tower by Giotto.

100 Km


The village is made up of ancient lanes and streets, remains of defensive walls and stairways carved into the chalky rocks.

Brisighella is an ancient medieval village in the river Lamone valley, laying down below three distinctive rocky hills, one with a 14th castle (“La Rocca”), another with a Clock Tower and the third with a sanctuary (“Monticino”).The Ancient Via del Borgo, a covered street dated at the 14thth century with arched open windows of different sizes, was a defensive bulwark for the medieval citadel at the back. 

12 Km

Eremo di San Barnaba

It is a real desert full of story and spirituality among the hills between Tuscany and Emilia Romagna. It is a destination for many travelers and  hikers and it’s loved by the citizen and foreign people.

20 Km


Great art city of Roman origin, with its worldwide famous ‘maioliche’ production.

20 Km


In the suggestive center city, one of the best preserved in Europe, you can find the two famous towers Garisenda and Asinelli, Ancient palaces and churches, full of arts, that testify the important cultural influence that Bologna had in the past centuries.

75 Km


Medieval Dozza perches on a hill not far from Imola overlooking the River Sellustra valley, surrounded by vineyards and gently rolling countryside. The fulcrum of the old town, with its characteristic linear form, is the mighty Sforza Castle, with the shops and houses spread at its feet.
When you enter the town, the murals illuminating the walls of the buildings are so breathtaking that you hardly know where to look first. To make sure you don’t miss even one, you can download the Muro Dipinto (painted wall) app.
Our advice would be to begin at the Castle, perhaps with a visit to the Regional Wine Shop (closed on Mondays) to sample some choice beverages, then dive into the warren of vibrantly painted narrow streets. If you adore art and are wild about wine, then Dozza, just a short hop from the Via Aemilia, is a trip not to miss.

44 Km
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